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In the neighborhood section of the 1004 and 2055 residential appraisal forms the appraiser is asked to provide information on the Neighborhood Characteristics, One-Unit Housing Trends, One-Unit Housing prices and age and the Percentage of Land Use between One-Unit, 2-4 Unit, Multi-Family, Commercial and Other.

So what is One-Unit Housing exactly? The definition of a Housing Unit is "A house, apartment, mobile home, group of rooms or single room, which are occupied or intended as separate living quarters. The separate living quarters that define a housing unit are those where the occupants live and eat separately from other residents in the structure or building, and have direct access from the building's exterior or through a common hallway "

One-Unit Housing would include single residences that are not 2-4 Unit or Multi-Family. Both detached and attached single family homes would be included.

Appraisal forms 1004 and 2055 are designed by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage corporation, also called Freddie Mac and the Federal National Mortgage Association, also called Fannie Mae.

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