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Real estate appraisals in Chicago's Norwood Park neighborhood

 Norwood Park

Norwood Park is one of Chicago's 77 community areas, located approximately 15 miles northwest of the Chicago "Loop". Within Norwood Park are smaller neighborhoods  including Big Oaks, Norwood Park East, Norwood Park West, Old Norwood Park, Oriole Park, and Union Ridge.

Originally organized in 1872 from the adjacent townships of Jefferson, Leyden and Niles as a village, it was named after Henry Ward Beecher's novel Norwood, or Village Life in New England, Norwood Park was annexed to the City of Chicago in 1893.

Home to many firefighters, police officers, and other city workers. Norwood Park is known especially for its abundance of green: lawns, parks, churchyards, and trees.

Citywide Services provides residential appraisal service in the Norwood Park neighborhood. Appraisals for conventional or FHA loans, divorce, bankruptcy, tax appeals, and estate purposes. Our appraisers are state certified and have experience with single family homes, townhouses, condominiums as well as small residential income properties. For all your Chicago appraisal needs contact Citywide.

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