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Dupage County Illinois Real Estate Tax Appeals

Dupage County Real Estate Tax Appeals

Planning on filing a real estate tax appeal? Dupage County property owners can appeal their tax assessments to the DuPage County Board of Review on an annual basis. The period during which an appeal may be filed begins on June 10th of the assessment year, and ends September 10th or thirty days after the publication of the township assessment roll, whichever is later.

Your assessment appeal does not address how much the property tax bill is, it is an attempt to prove that the assessed value is greater than the property's fair market value, or is higher than the assessed value of similar properties.

If a home owner feels that their property is overassessed, they can file a tax appeal.

The tax appeal can be based on fair market value, or can be based on lack of assessment uniformity.

In making the appeal the homeowner must provide evidence to support their appeal. The best evidence is a professional real estate appraisal performed by a appraiser certified by the State of Illinois.

The appraiser will inspect your home and prepare a appraisal report on a standard form for you to present in your appeal. The report will show how your house compares with other recent sales in your neighborhood. Fair Market Value will be determined by the appraiser.

The assessor will also compile sales and/or uniformity comparables for the Board to review, so having a professional appraisal provides the strongest evidence of your home's worth.

Most of the time, homeowners can go through the appeal process on their own and do not need a law firm or other services offering to assist you with an appeal. These services work for a high percentage of any savings you get on your tax bill.

Board of Review hearings are held at the DuPage County Government Center, 421 N. County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL.

At the hearing, you will be given the opportunity to explain your case and present your appraisal. The assessor's office will respond, and present an analysis of both your comparables and the assessor's comparables.

The Board may ask you and the asessor questions during the hearing. After the hearing, the Board will make a decision. The decision is mailed to the property owner after all Board of Review action is completed for the tax year.

If you are still not satisfied by the decision of the Board of Review, the case can be appealed to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, or to the Circuit Court. 

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