Appraisal Fees:

General Purpose Appraisals Fees:
Appraisal Institute Form 100.4 - typical Single Family or Condo $295
Appraisal Institute Form 100.4 - Two Unit Apartment Building, call for Three or Four Unit  $325
Small Resedential Income Property
Two Three & Four Unit Apartment Buildings Form 1025 $550
Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
Exterior Only (drive by) Form 2055 or 1075 Condo Exterior


Interior Form 2055 $300
Single Family Form 1004 with 1004MC Addendum $375
Condominium Form 1073 with 1004MC Addendum 


Relocation Appraisals
ERC Apppraisal Report $650
REO Appraisals
Single Family Form 1004 URAR with REO Addendum


Final Inspections & Miscellaneous Forms
Re-Inspections/Final Inspections


Single Family Rent Schedule Form 1007


Operating Income Statement Form 216


URAR PUD Addendum Form 70L


For appraisals of homes with values of one million +, complex property,  historical property or commercial property. please call for a fee quote.

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